Virgin Russian Hair

What is the most popular and valuable product to buy? Undoubtedly, it's Virgin Russian hair, which has all the properties of beautiful and healthy strands.

Which you can buy wholesale at Charm hair. Now we will tell you why buying treeses at our company is a good idea!


It is well known that virgin Russian hair demanded all over the world.  They are the most luxurious. This is why we offer such type to our customers.



What is the advantage of buying loose bundles in our company?    

  • Product has a fine and silky texture;
  • The ends are thick;
  • All haircuts are from one donor, which eliminates the cases of blended strands. There are only remy hair used;
  • Material is not treated with silicone and other harmful ingredients;
  • Wide assortment of different shades;
  • Available bundles with lengths from 14inch to 40inch.



Acquiring virgin Russian hair from "Charm Hair", customers get goods of exceptional quality, which will serve for a long time.

We have several types of wefts with the different structure. We can offer straight, wavy, or curly hair.

Virgin Russian bulk hair fits perfectly into any hairstyle, it has a great structure and is very practical. Our products can withstand many corrections, after which they look no less impressive than on the day of visiting the salon.

Company works individually with each client, so we try our best to find out the requirements of our customers according to the structure, color and length of cuts. Our employees can consult you at any time and answer questions about choosing the product that is right for you.


Buying virgin Russian hair wholesale



Most of our customers prefer large wholesale purchases. For us, this isn't a problem. Employees work quickly and efficiently, so we can fulfill your order in the shortest possible time. You do not have to wait a long time for the delivery of the material, because we hold sufficient quantities in stock. Chossing wholesale purchase of the uncolored Slavic hair in company "Charm Hair", you make a correct choice.

Our specialists undergo long training and constantly improve their skills. Therefore, purchasing goods from us, you will never encounter product quality problems. Be confident that working with our company permanently will bring you only positive customer relation, and after the completion of the next order, you can recommend us with an easy heart!



We are always available for communication, so we are waiting for your questions on Viber or WhatsApp, as well as by e-mail. "Charm Hair" company is your reliable and conscientious partner in business!


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