Tape Hair

Tape in hair extensions is one of the most popular methods of extensions. Russian hair Tape - is, first of all, a wonderful appearance, an ideal structure and ease of care. Such products allow you to give your hair the right volume quickly, as well as increase the length of hair.

Our company uses only virgin Slavic bundles for manufacturing, so the result will exceed all your expectations!



Why should you choose a tape hair:


  • We are pleased to offer you a truly exclusive product from real Russian Virgin hair, which is obtained from one donor. We are proud to use the best;
  • Product has thick ends, which gives a thicker overall look;
  • Silicone or other harmful substances are  not used;
  • Strands is evenly distributed and securely attached to the tape. Hair does not shed;
  • Tape has a neat appearance, elastic and flexible, thin in thickness. Absolutely not noticeable on the head and does not present any discomfort when you wear it.
  • Available in 7 colors. Curls are Virgin so you can lighten them with bleach.



colour 2/0 natural black

18inch - $300,  100gr

20inch - $320,  100gr

22inch - $340,  100gr

24inch - $340,  100gr


Virgin colour 5/0 dark brown

14inch - $250,  100gr

16inch - $320,  100gr

18inch - $370,  100gr

20inch - $400,  100gr

22inch - $400,  100gr

24inch - $400,  100gr



Virgin colour 6/0 medium brown

 14inch - $250,  100gr

16inch - $320,  100gr

18inch - $370,  100gr

20inch - $400,  100gr

22inch - $440,  100gr

24inch - $440,  100gr



Virgin colour 7/0 light brown

14inch - $280,  100gr

16inch - $350,  100gr

18inch - $400,  100gr

20inch - $440,  100gr

22inch - $500,  100gr

24inch - $600,  100gr



Virgin colour 8/0 dark blond

 14inch - $300,  100gr

16inch - $400,  100gr

18inch - $440,  100gr

20inch - $500,  100gr

22inch - $600,  100gr

24inch - $800,  100gr



Virgin colour 9/0 blond

 14inch - $340,  100gr

16inch - $440,  100gr

18inch - $600,  100gr

20inch - $800,  100gr

22inch - $1000,  100gr






colour 10/0 light blond

14inch - $280,  100gr

16inch - $350,  100gr

18inch - $400,  100gr

20inch - $440,  100gr


What is it necessary to pay attention to when selecting hair for extensions? We’ll try to explain you:

First, you need to know the origin of the material from which this product was manufactured. The majority of tape hair is made in China and in countries of southeast Asia. Accordingly, their products are made from Asian raw. Russian companies purchase such products and sell them as Slavic hair. Be careful and do not fall for such tricks. "Charm Hair" company works directly with donors of natural Slavic tresses. We make Tape hair in our own production, so you cannot doubt the top-quality of finished goods. The entire range of our tape hair is created exclusively from not dyed Russian strands.


Second important factor is the processing of raw materials. Unscrupulous manufacturers often use silicone, which, at first glance, gives shine and beauty to curls, but after a month of wear, the silicone layer begins to wash off, wefts become brittle and dull. Our specialists completely exclude any harmful additives at manufactoring, therefore our products have a healthy appearance and serve for a long time.


Great advantage of our product is the thickness of the tape itself - it is always minimal and for this reason is absolutely invisible on head. And also hair does not leak from the tape.


Another important point when choosing tape hair is selection of the shade you need. In our salon it's possible to find the color that will exactly match your native color. 



As you can see, when buying tape hair, you need to pay attention to a few moments for the purchase really pleased the eye. "Charm Hair" company, which has been specialized in manufacture of various products for many years, is glad to offer you a truly exclusive product from the real Virgin Slavic not dyed tresses.


The tape hair from "Charm Hair" have all the properties of quality products. Contacting us, you get tape hair from professionals in their field, who have a lot of experience in manufactoring such products. We always listen to the requirements of the customer, so we can execute any of your individual orders in the shortest possible time. On average, you will receive finished products in 3-4 days after ordering, and up to a week if the goods are not on stock.


View the full range of our services you can on the web-site, or by contacting us directly on Viber or WhatsApp. Our experienced staff will help you choose exactly that kind of tape hair, which suit you personally. If you are looking for high-quality service, efficiency in work and high skill of performers, then "Charm Hair" is your choice number 1!

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