If your business is hair extension, if you use tape hair, if you have to order ready-made product and if you are not completely satisfied with its quality, then this video is for you.

Our company offers not only a wide range of products from hair, but also hair extension courses.
Contact us, and we will reveal all the secrets to improve your business.
The advantage of the training is that you will be able to make products from any strands by yourself, depending on your client needs. Your income will undoubtedly increase after completing this training.
The training course includes video tutorials, as well as a detailed description of the entire process.  We will answer all your questions that appear during training.
Tape hair production is the manufacture of strands that are used for extensions.
 For work you will need:
 1. cut glass
 2. reinforcement
 3. adhesive for the manufacture of tapes
 4. drying cabinet (if necessary, to speed up the process).  You can make it yourself.
 5. polymer adhesive tape
 6. equipment for cutting finished tapes.  It is used to create a neat regular shape, but you can do with ordinary scissors as well.
 The process consists of the following steps:
 1. hair placement 
 2. gluing in several stages
 3. drying
 4. machine processing
 5. applying polymer tape.
The quality of our products is at a high level.  We have all the necessary skills in working with hair. If you study with us, you will get a thin, elastic, flexible and long lasting tape for extension.
You can purchase everything that is necessary for work from us.  We ship worldwide.
 Nowadays only a limited number of factories, located in Russia and Ukraine, are engaged in this process.  Charm Hair is one of the best in this field.
For the first three clients we offer 50 percent discount. So hurry up not to lose your chance!

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