Pre Bonded Hair


Are you looking for the highest quality micro ring hair extensions, pre bonded hair?

Our company "Charm Hair" will help with this. Such kind of product must be purchased only from professionals in their field, who have excellent raw materials and know how to prepare it for sale.

 In our production we use only Virgin Slavic hair, which are cut off from Slavic girls. They are considered elite, because they look stunningly, easy for wearing without causing trouble to their possessor, are easy to care for and do not differ from native tresses.

 Pre-tipped hair from the company «Charm Hair» will serve you 3-4 years and will look great. Our craftsmen do all this laborious process manually. Our employees use only strong Italian keratin. The advantage of our pre-bonded strands is hair does not shed.

 Pre-bonded strands can be divided into three types:

  •   U-tips (flat-tips) –are special keratinous flat capsules that are designed for hot hair extensions. A special feature of this method is the thermal impact on the material, due to which donor strand is perfectly attached to your own curls.
  •   I-tips – this method is designed for hair extensions by micro-rings. Such method is considered to be more gentle for tresses, because the process of extensions is made without the influence of high temperature.
  •   Nano - tips (nano-rings) – are round keratin capsules with a special tip, which when clamped is clamped by a ring. This method is one of the latest achievements in the field of hair extensions on capsules.

 You can get about 100 ready-made strands from 100 grams of materia. In addition, we are considering the possibility of creating micro-tips.



colour 2/0 natural black

18inch - $300,  100gr

20inch - $320,  100gr

22inch - $340,  100gr

24inch - $340,  100gr


 Virgin colour 5/0 dark brown

14inch - $250,  100gr

16inch - $320,  100gr

18inch - $370,  100gr

20inch - $400,  100gr

22inch - $400,  100gr

24inch - $400,  100gr



Virgin colour 6/0 medium brown

 14inch - $250,  100gr

16inch - $320,  100gr

18inch - $370,  100gr

20inch - $400,  100gr

22inch - $440,  100gr

24inch - $440,  100gr


 Virgin colour 7/0 light brown

14inch - $280,  100gr

16inch - $350,  100gr

18inch - $400,  100gr

20inch - $440,  100gr

22inch - $500,  100gr

24inch - $600,  100gr



 Virgin colour 8/0 dark blond

 14inch - $300,  100gr

16inch - $400,  100gr

18inch - $440,  100gr

20inch - $500,  100gr

22inch - $600,  100gr

24inch - $800,  100gr




Virgin colour 9/0 blond

 14inch - $340,  100gr

16inch - $440,  100gr

18inch - $600,  100gr

20inch - $800,  100gr

22inch - $1000,  100gr






colour 10/0 light blond

14inch - $280,  100gr

16inch - $350,  100gr

18inch - $400,  100gr

20inch - $440,  100gr

 It's a matter of taste to choose which types of the proposed  Pre-bonded hair you prefer. We guarantee  perfect quality of the finished products and fast lead-time. Our company is manufacturing goods for hair extensions for a long time, so it has tremendous experience in this field of activity.

For wholesale customers, we always have pleasant discounts. So a large order of goods will cost somewhat cheaper than usual.

Choosing our company, you can not doubt the high quality of the products. All used material was sanitized and is safe for health. In addition, cases of using mixed strands in one product are excluded, because we adhere to the principle - one hair donor - one product.


Do not hesitate, "Charm Hair" company is responsible for all its orders, so we hope to become a regular reliable partner for you in matter of regular deliveries of exclusive goods.

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