One of the interesting solutions for quickly giving volume and length to your hairstyle is clip-in hair extensions. We use Virgin Russian hair clip-ins for sale.

This product is suitable for those customers who have not yet decided to have permanent hair extension and want to experiment with their appearance.


There a lot of advantages of this kind of goods:

  • You can always fix and remove the hair, there is nothing complicated in this process;
  • Сlip-in hairextensions are not harmful for your hair and there are no  contraindications for using them;
  • Another advantage is the ability to change your image without any hassle.


What are the advantages of goods from «Charm Hair» company?

Firstly, all our goods are made by hand and have the highest quality. Strands are sewn onto thin hand-tied wefts, then special hairpins are attached to them. Creating perfect clip-in that are increased  easy to use.

Since we produce products individually, to order, you can choose several options:

  •  It can be a product of 5 parts, which are distributed over the entire surface of the head (for example 2 temple parts, 3 occiput parts);
  • One entire product (all in one). Achieving a full-head look is created using one piece.

When ordering goods from «Charm Hair» salon, you can choose the desired shade, structure and weight of product, appropriate length and width of product. Our specialists take customer's requirements seriously, so your wishes will be taken into account during the execution of order. Contacting to our company, you always get exactly the products wich you wish.

Another important point, which is necessary to mention, is the material used. We prefer virgin Slavic hair that is not colored, so you get the hairs most natural characteristics. They do not require complicated care, silicone is not used during processing, Hair does not tangled, and will always look as if you just visited a salon. Our company is one of the few ones that offer children's strands. Such material has the greatest value and looks great on the head.


"Charm Hair" company works, both with retail customers, and with wholesale orders.

It is possible to buy 1-2 items, and also large order. Working with large orders, we are always ready to provide you with excellent discounts and offer the best conditions for cooperation. Be sure that in future you no longer have to look for new suppliers, because our company will become your reliable regular partner. In addition, we work quickly and do not violate the deadlines, so it is not necessary to wait for delivery for weeks.

Our employees are ready at any time to consult you on purchasing the right products and advise clients  the best value for money. Contact us using WhatsApp or Viber, or by email.


If you need clip-ins made from virgin Slavic hair that will serve for a long time and meet world standards of quality, Charm Hair company is a reasonable choice. Please contact us and our managers will choose the best option for you!




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