Bleached Russian hair

Today, Russian blonde hair extensions are very popular. Charm Hair company offers for wholesale a special product - Bleached Slavic bulk hair.


  • Base: Virgin Russian hair, which has been bleached.
  • Result: Vanilla blonde, Platinum blonde;
  • Soft, thin, silky texture
  • Intact healthy cuticles
  • When processing, we do not use silicone or other harmful substances.


As it is known, the most popular shades of braids are blond and very light brown. Many customers want to purchase Russian natural blonde. However, this type of raw material is quite rare and scarce in the market. Collecting it in the right quantities is more and more difficult, which affects its price. Many consumers, for this reason, prefer bleached Uzbek or Asian bulks.

Unlike most companies in "Charm Hair" prefer only Russian hair. Therefore, we offer a profitable solution - the acquisition of lightened Slavic strands. They perfectly retain a thin healthy structure, and also remain soft, shiny and silky.


Thanks to modern staining technology, you get strands with intact cuticles that will last you a long time. When processing materials, we rule out the use of silicone and other harmful substances. Our hair itself looks great and doesn’t require special care. Our own customized production allows us to control quality of products at all stages of production.


It can be as bleached strands:

  • without a shade;
  • platinum blonde;
  • vanilla blonde.

Whatever option you choose, it will be quality and healthy.


If you decide to purchase a truly exclusive product, then contacting us is the best solution. Great experience of our employees, efficiency in work, own workshops and equipment, unique technology and professional materials - all these advantages you will feel in cooperation with us.

Our company works both with retail orders and wholesale buyers. For regular customers, we always provide discounts and special conditions. Hope that our company will become your reliable partner for a long time, and you will appreciate the advantage of working with professionals in this field!





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